I've Got a Receipt (I-II)

Or, The Garden

As the sunlit sanity of the waking world burns the night to ash,
embrace the unbound madness of your wildest dreams,
laugh into the endless abyss of your darkest fantasies,
and rage against the coming dawn.

PulpBusters is a presentation of Pocket Theater of the Absurd! Original tales of the weird and strange from the mind and madness of “Amoral Crackpot” Steve Arviso.

Tonight’s tale...

I-II: The Garden

The equally depressing ambiance of a dead mall’s parking lot.

NARRATOR: (voice-over) Twenty minutes later, in the mostly empty lot outside of a squatish, mall-shaped building, Cassie navigated her husk of a car to a wheezing stop beside an even worse looking truck.

CASSIE and SISTER enter in said “husk of a car,” roll to a stop beside the even worse looking truck.

NARRATOR: (voice-over) Her sister, meanwhile, looked out her window to what turned out to be an even worse looking truck idling mere inches away with nobody behind the wheel.

SISTER: Well, that’s weird.

CASSIE: That somebody would leave their truck running while they go shopping?

SISTER: No. It’s weird that you parked next to the only other car here.

CASSIE: It makes me feel safe.

SISTER: What, are you afraid someone’s going to pop out from underneath all this nothing?

Cassie sits there for a moment, then kills the engine.

CASSIE: (uncomfortably calm, composed) Less talking, more walking.

And so, they walk.

To be continued...

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The chill of night brings with it a still darkness,
brings with it an alluring promise of peace.
Till the light of day warms your cold bones,
may your eyes never rest,
and may those little slices of death never come.

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